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One of the wonderful things about living in a Toonen Properties location is the reassurance of knowing that your neighbors appreciate a similar way of living. The requirements we have for residents are specific because we know you value your living space.

Toonen Properties is a hands-on family business that builds, owns, and maintains all of our properties. So, naturally, we take care of them and the people who live in them. Professional and friendly on-site management handles your needs and pays attention to the little things that make a big difference. In short, it’s all about respecting each other to create worry-free living and relaxing comfort.

Our requirements for residency.

Is a Toonen Properties location right for you? Let’s find out!

  • We’ll review your landlord references ensuring a quality relationship.
  • We’ll perform a background check for the safety of all our residents.
  • We’ll receive a credit report to ensure financial stability.
  • We’ll check for renters insurance to ensure you’re well protected.
  • Our general rule is “no pets,” although some properties allow cats. Check your favorite property for their specific pet policy.
  • We’ll ask that your vehicle be in good working condition and appearance.
  • An income requirement ensures long-term residency.