The Toonen Lifestyle

Clubhouse, Pool, Patio—a winning trio at Toonen Properties

Creating communities to exceed your expectations.

Toonen Properties offers more than just great places to live. All of our community spaces are designed with the same care and luxury that residents find in their homes. Our full-service clubhouses offer an array of features unique to Northeast Wisconsin including crackling fireplaces, libraries, full bar area with dish sets, comfortable seating, and entertainment centers including flat-screen televisions and gaming systems. Clubhouses are also available to rent for residents for everything from family Christmas parties to movie nights.

Not far from the clubhouse, Toonen Properties residents find luxury pools, saunas, and whirlpools. While each location varies in amenities, our pools can be surrounded by natural wooded settings or beautiful flower gardens and are heated to just the right temperature. Our pools offer a refreshing dip on a sunny summer day or, for the less adventurous, the ability to stretch out and nap on the patio with a lounge chair or under the cool shade of an umbrella.