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Toonen Properties seeks to create comfortable, maintenance-free experiences whenever possible. From time to time, however, urgent situations arise where additional maintenance support is needed. That’s where our 24/7 on-call emergency team excels.

Please take a moment to look through the most common maintenance requests and solutions below. If you do not see your situation listed or if you have additional questions, please contact your specific location’s office to submit your request. If it is a non-emergency you may also submit your request through the online resident portal.

Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies under the 24/7 after hours emergency on-call maintenance support?
The following list contains examples of situations that are considered DIRE EMERGENCIES and will be acted upon by our maintenance staff immediately! APPLICABLE CHARGES MAY APPLY BASED ON YOUR LEASE AGREEMENT. Please be aware that our 24/7 on-call maintenance team consists of the same hardworking staff members who promptly assist you during our normal maintenance hours of Monday-Friday from 7:00 am-3:30 pm and they should only be contacted outside of these hours in EMERGENCY situations. We thank you for your consideration.

  • FIRE ALARM SOUNDING (just beeping, please change battery). If there is smoke, CALL 911 FIRST, then call the 24/7 maintenance team number for your location.
  • CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM SOUNDING (just beeping, please change battery).
  • WATER LEAK that cannot be contained with a bucket until business hours.
  • FLOOD of any kind. TURN OFF WATER USING SHUT OFF KNOB first if possible. For more information on a toilet overflow see our question and answer on the topic below.
  • PLUGGED TOILET in a unit with only one toilet and plunging is not successful.
  • AIR CONDITIONER MALFUNCTION over 80 degrees for those with documented medical reasons for A/C.
  • NO HEAT or heat under 65 degrees (WINTER SEASON ONLY).
  • GARAGE DOOR MALFUNCTION and the emergency release key is not working.
  • LOCK OUT or BROKEN LOCK – This applies to an apartment or garage where you are unable to remove vehicle (photo id required for entry).

The power is out in areas of the apartment. What should I do?

  • Check the breaker box. If something is tripped, it must be turned all the way off first, and then on.  Remove any extra items overloading the outlet that is tripping.
  • Check the GFI on the outlet in the kitchen or the bathroom, and then push the button.

Why do only some of my electrical outlets work?
The upper receptacle of the outlets in your living room work only when the light switch is turned on for that room. If the items in your kitchen are not working when plugged in then ‘re-set’ the outlet by pushing the red button in the middle of the outlet.
My garbage disposal stopped working. Is there something I can check?

  • Check the re-set button on the bottom of the disposal unit under the sink. Wait until it cools before re-setting.
  • Try using the tool that was left under the sink to dislodge the blades by inserting it in the bottom of the unit and turning.
  • Chicken skin, meat fat, bones, fibrous food, large amounts of food all at once, non-food items should not be put into the disposal. See other handout on Do’s and Don’ts.
  • If maintenance is still needed, clean out the sink and area under the sink so maintenance can get in there easily.

What should I do if my heat isn't working right?

  • Check the thermostat to make sure it is set at the desired temperature.
  • It takes about an hour to increase one degree for register or longer for in-floor heat.
  • Check to see if your heat registers are warm to the touch, or check the bathroom floor if you have in-floor heat.
  • If fireplace is in use, the thermostat will detect that it’s warm enough in the apartment and won’t allow for the heat to turn on in all areas of the apartment.

My faucets suddenly lost water pressure. What could be wrong?

  • Low water pressure can be caused by a blocked aerator, try removing that and cleaning it out and put it back on.

My dryer is not drying clothes properly. What can I check?

  • Clean the lint trap & check the dryer hose connection.
  • For newer units paired with a front load washer, wipe off the sensor in the back of the dryer. This can become sticky from using dryer sheets and not work properly.
  • If you need to submit a service request, remove items from inside and around unit to allow proper access to the dryer.

My smoke/CO detector is beeping. How can I get it to stop?

  • If it’s beeping: change the batteries. 
  • If you tried that, and it is still beeping, the detector may need to be replaced and you will need to submit a service request.

Can I get help with burned out light bulbs?

  • We can certainly help, but there will be a charge for bulb replacement. You can also provide us with a bulb to reduce your charge.

How does my air-conditioning work best? How should it be maintained?

  • Remove the cover. Check your AC early in the season to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Be sure that your heat is off by turning your thermostat below 60 degrees.
  • A/C should be kept on a medium or medium/high setting; putting it on high may cause it to freeze and not work correctly. The vent should be closed and the unit in the ON position and NOT on fan.
  • Allow the AC to run continuously to cool the entire apartment. Turning it on and off often will not allow it to function properly.
  • Filters should be removed and cleaned with soapy water at least once per year.
  • If you have a fireplace with a pilot light, you may want to turn that off in the summer since it gives off heat.
  • No power? Could be the breaker or the reset button on the plug.
  • If you have checked all of the above items and still require service, please turn the A/C on prior to the service technician coming out, and move any furniture out of the way.
  • Lower apartments at Hidden Springs have a wall switch that must be turned on.

My garage door won't close. Help!

  • If door opener doesn’t close or the light just blinks, the following needs to be checked: If the electronic eyes are blocked, covered, dirty, or dusty, you need to clear that, check for a light on each sensor, and try again. Eyes should also be level on each side.
  • If nothing is happening when using the remote, replace the batteries.
  • If you still cannot close the door, and the door is not off track, follow the emergency release information to close the door manually. Submit a service request.
  • If the door is off track, submit a service request.

How do I use the garage door emergency release?
Follow the steps outlined for use of emergency release. (Note: improper use of ER release can cause damage to the overhead door sections.)

  • Use of emergency release is not designed as an every day entry method and for this reason a key lock accessory is needed for this use.
  • After inserting key in release, pull cable to disengage opener.  IMPORTANT!!  Before opening the door, reinsert the lock and relock it.  After opening and closing the door, the opener will automatically reconnect.
  • We recommend you practice this procedure at least once so you become familiar with it prior to an emergency.  In the event your remote is not working please notify the office immediately. For emergency access to your garage you can use your Emergency Release Key. If you don’t believe you have one please contact management.

My dishwasher won't start no matter what button I press. Why?
Please make sure you have turned power on to your dishwasher. This can be done by flipping the correct switch located on the wall by the sink in the kitchen or in the cabinet under your kitchen sink. This switch should have been introduced to you during your initial move in and walk through.
My dishes are not getting clean in the dishwasher. Help!
Your dishwasher typically has one spray arm located at the bottom of the appliance. Do not place large pots/dishes face down on the lower rack otherwise dishes on the top rack will not clean. Make sure to rinse dishes FULLY prior to putting in the dishwasher and use a high-grade detergent and a rinse aid like Jet Dry. You should also regularly clean your dishwasher by using a cup of vinegar on a full cycle while it is empty. 
My dish washer is leaking, what can I do to stop this?
If you notice your floor is wet after running a dishwasher cycle, it could be that the seal around the door is dirty or out of place. Regularly clean the seal around the door and make sure that it is always in the proper position. 
My toilet is overflowing or leaking, and it could be clogged. Now what?
Turn the lever/knob off on your toilet to stop water flow. You can find this knob located below toilet tank. Do NOT use tablets or similar products in tank. This destroys the internal components of the tank. If your toilet is clogged, be sure to use a plunger specifically made for toilets to remove the clog before calling in maintenance to help.
There is a smell coming from the bathroom or laundry room. How can I get rid of it?
This smell comes from the floor drain drying up. Pour 2 quarts water with 1 cup bleach down the floor drain.
My mini blinds aren't working very well. Why?
The cords for your mini blinds must not be tangled for them to move up and down properly. Just untangle these cords and you should be all set.
How do I turn on my gas fireplace?
Open the lower grill and follow the instructions below to light the pilot. The pilot will need to be lit one time each day you would like to use the fireplace. The gas is automatically turned off very early each morning.

Turn gas knob to “PILOT.” Depress and hold gas knob while pushing the red igniter button REPEATEDLY. Keep knob fully depressed for up to 15 seconds per try, then release. You may repeat this step if needed. When pilot under the fireplace logs is lit, turn gas knob counter-clockwise for desired operation time, up to 60 minutes. To see an instructional video click here.

How do I work my in-floor heat?
Radiant hot water heat takes several hours to reach the desired room temperature when turned up or down.  It will work best if set at a constant temperature that is comfortable for both day and evening hours.  In addition, if running your fireplace the thermostat will mistakenly not kick in (due to the heat from the fireplace) and the rest of your apartment may cool.