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About Us—A local success story

Dedicated to Northeast Wisconsin and those who live here.

Toonen Properties has been transforming the way Northeast Wisconsin thinks about apartment living since 1983. But, the Toonen journey begins well before that, as a dream of founder Bob Toonen who boldly started to build from nothing, learning as he went and propelled by the belief that his residents’ happiness would ultimately lead to success.

While working toward a business major in college, Bob realized his passion was in real estate. In an effort to learn and discover the industry, Bob obtained a real estate license and accepted a position at a Green Bay real estate office. Although the youngest broker in the company, Bob excelled at his position, becoming one of the leading producers at the firm. After some frugal saving, Bob was able to purchase his first rental property, a small two-family home on Green Bay’s west side. That initial investment soon led to the purchase of four more two-family homes, which proved to be the catalyst to designing and constructing an eight-unit apartment building. In 1983, Bob’s dream became a reality.

Starting with his original design, Bob expanded on his vision, creating something that his own parents could be proud to call home when they eventually decided to move into a rental property. This updated design, featuring large open spaces, huge amounts of storage, and luxury-style kitchens, led to the development of Cedar Lake Apartments. This was the first of many properties with a style that would become universally recognizable as a Toonen property. The true spirit of Cedar Lake was not in the mortar and brick, but in the amazing level of service provided for the residents and the beautiful resort-style grounds on which the complex stands.

From the beginning, Bob was determined to make his properties special and better than what people and communities were used to in apartment living. He did so by focusing on service and making a conscious effort to show respect to his customers in every way possible. Bob maintained the properties himself, making a point to know each resident by name, taking care of problems quickly, and keeping the grounds perfectly manicured. This unprecedented level of respect and attention to detail quickly earned Bob and Toonen Properties an unparalleled reputation for quality and high standards.

Today, with 16 properties in Northeast Wisconsin, Toonen Properties is considered to be the standard of resort-style apartment living. With a keen knowledge of the intricacies of area life and neighborhoods, Toonen Properties hand picks the locations of their properties, crafts the most luxurious buildings in the region, and pampers the grounds of these properties to perfection.

Most Toonen properties have swimming and fishing lakes for residents to enjoy, gorgeous gathering spaces, and resident activities and perks. All properties have the same superb standard of customer service that Bob Toonen envisioned in 1983. Toonen residences are not simply apartment complexes; they are communities built around a sense of place, gorgeous living spaces, and a great deal of local pride.