Reasons to Rent
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Reasons To Rent—a look at why renting is the right choice.

  1. We’ll take care of the hard stuff for you

    Do you know what to do if a pipe bursts? What about if a tree outside your window needs to be maintained? Toonen Properties knows what to do in an emergency situation and we’re on call 24/7 with our emergency maintenance support team. Let us take care of the maintenance while you enjoy all the amenities a Toonen Properties apartment offers.

  2. It costs less

    There are many hidden costs to home ownership. When renting, you will know ahead of time what you will pay every month so you can budget accordingly. And, no home ownership means no hefty loans, property taxes, mortgage insurance, big down payments, title search costs, real estate fees, building inspection invoices or legal fees.

  3. Location, location, location

    Toonen Properties hand picks each and every location based on its ideal setting. Our properties are far enough from the hustle and bustle to allow you a peaceful retreat but close enough to modern amenities that a quick errand run is always possible.

  4. No separation anxiety

    If you own a home, chances are leaving for a few days to visit family or for a few months to tour your dream destination is a nightmare to arrange. There’s grass to cut and mail to collect, plus the hassle of finding someone to check in every once in a while. When you rent, you can explore new locations and visit those you love without worrying about the little things dragging you down. In other words, renting an apartment spells freedom.

  5. You can’t lose…

    Real estate value that is. Real estate properties are not guaranteed to increase in value. When you rent, you don’t risk the chance of an independently owned house depreciating in value.

  6. …But you can leave

    Renting means you can leave whenever your lease expires. While Toonen Properties prides ourselves on long lasting relationships with our apartment owners, if you need to be closer to the kids or get a career opportunity that’s too good to pass up, there’s no need to sell your home first and worry about the roller coaster of the housing market.

  7. It’s not only sturdy, it’s safe

    Falling behind in your rent due to the loss of a job or financial hardship is a serious matter that can result in eviction. But defaulting on your mortgage can be disastrous. Foreclosure means the loss of both your beloved home and all the equity invested in it. Plus, there are several social service programs and options in place to assist people who fall into rental hardships. Can you say that about your bank?